Hi, I'm Molly.

I am a documentary and lifestyle photographer and family film creator located out of Verona, WI. I am married to an incredible husband and have three kids that I love like crazy who love to drive me crazy. :)

Behind the Lens...

  • I grew up in Hayward, WI and often go "up north" to visit family and friends. There's something about the air up there and being able to see the stars that is so special!
  • I love, love, LOVE to travel. I have been around the US, to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, The Bahamas, France, Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Japan, China, Thailand, UAE, England, Scotland, & Ireland. My husband is my all time favorite travel companion, and we're looking forward to planning new trips together. If you have a request for a destination photo session - I'm in!
  • I can't get enough of things that sparkle & really appreciate a good face mask.
  • I used to teach 6th and 7th grade and have a degree in Elementary Education with minors in Math and Language Arts.
  • I have two dogs - Sawyer (Beagle-Shih Tzu) and Rosie (Mini Goldendoodle). 
  • Some of my guilty pleasure include horror movies and Hot Cheetos.
  • I love playing boardgames (recommendations appreciated!).
  • I also love playing trivia, but I'm not very good at it. :)
  • I love to have fresh flowers and plants all around, and am working on learning how to keep them alive
  • I dislike feet (except baby feet, of course) and I'm scared of birds.