Molly VanDamme Photography | Project 365 {January 2017} Madison Family Photographer

Project 365 {January 2017} Madison Family Photographer

January 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Everyone!


If you followed me last year, you probably know that I started a photo a day challenge in the spring... and I failed miserably!  I'm pretty sure I only kept it up for a few months. 


Well, new year, new try - right?  Bring it on 2017!


I'm attempting again this year to create one image a day for each day in 2017, giving me a total of 365 personal images from this year - how great would that be?!  So far, one month in, I am a 100% success rate!


I originally planned to show my photos weekly or bi-weekly, but that didn't happen this month.  Maybe in February. :) 


Until then, enjoy a little glimpse into the life of the VanDamme Fam!


 Every night we read to our little man, and it's one of my favorite times of the day.  As he gets more independent, sometimes he reads to us - or insists on sitting on the floor while we read to him.  I treasure these moments when he snuggles on one of our laps and listens to his story.  Bonus fun fact for this photo - Liam has also learned to scream, "SAAAAAAAAAAAWYERRRRRRRRRR!" until our dog joins in upstairs for his bedtime readings. :)



Couch snuggles and the tickle game are a must when Daddy gets home.



Guitar Lessons - we're starting him young!

(P.S. My son has more than one pair of pajamas, he just really likes the froggy ones, so whenever they're clean he wears them! lol)



I got in front of the camera!  Another goal of mine this year is to try to be more present in photographs with my son (sonS this coming May!).  I am very comfortable behind the lens, but struggle to get in front of it - and struggle even more liking a photo enough to edit it.  However, I love staying home with my son, and want him to know that we had some great times together during the day even before Daddy came home from work. :) 



Best friends learning how to share between fighting, crying, and dinosaur roaring. 



It is not a rare occasion that there is a dance party at our house.  This one was set to 80s pop and was extra special because Aba was there too!



Saturday morning cartoons are still a thing in this house.  I used to think it was so the kids could enjoy a show... I now realize it is so the parents can enjoy a cup of coffee. 



Liam was "bringing the thunder"... and Kodie wasn't so sure she enjoyed that.



Making brownies!  Downside of being pregnant - not being able to eat the dough and batter of baked goods. :) 



ROARRRRRRRR! (It was a no nap day here... despite the fact that he needed one...)



No Nap Day #2... [insert eye roll here]



Liam is getting a brother in May!



While I was trying to organize things to pack for our Tabbert Family Christmas weekend, Liam thought it would be more fun to jump on the bed.  Then... he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and did a double-take, complete with an over the shoulder look.  Oh, how I love this kid SO MUCH! <3 <3 <3



His own guitar from Grandma and Grandpa Tabbert.  He was in heaven!  



Best friends.  Snacks.  Football.  

What else does one need?



Day one of rain and ice mix means we didn't go outside to play. 



Day 2 of rain/ice mix means we didn't go outside again - and someone was even more sad today.



Our little drummer boy. 



I can't even.



Liam reading "Elmo book" to me before nap.  This usually consists of him flipping through the pages and telling me which characters he sees. :)



Oh Grandma VanDamme, you're so funny. <3 



It wasn't quite dry enough to ride outside, so we busted out the bike in rocker form today!



My editing buddy. 



Some serious Wubanub conversation going on here today. 



Liam has his "job" of feeding the dogs each night, but now has taken it upon himself to be the designated door opener and closer every time they need to go outside.  Totally fine with me! 



Not the most "professional photographer" photo - but you guys - these cookies are SO good!  Our Madison Family did a cookie exchange (yes, we know it is no longer "Christmas time" - but why should that dictate a cookie exchange?!). :)  I found these grasshopper cookies on Pinterest, and they were delicious - although we did have to use a different chocolate glaze, as the original was not working for us. :) 



Mess.  At least most of the time he's good about picking up his toys when we're moving on to a new activity!  Until that happens though... this is my house.  Please tell me I'm not alone! 



Best. Friends.



Liam's first plane ride with his own seat!  To say he was excited for this is an understatement - as you can see by the look on his face. :)  Also, I am proud to report he did not cry, scream, or throw a fit the entire way!  #parentingwin



Bubble play at the Denver Children's Museum.  I have other photos where he was more in focus, but for some reason I absolutely love this one with the fog! 



There you have it!  My first month into my photo a day project!

Is anyone else out there attempting a challenge like this?  Or would you like to with me?  I'd love to see some of your photos if you want to share them in the comments!  What's your inspiration?  What challenges do you have?  Let me know!


xo Molly


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