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Door County Getaway

September 26, 2016  •  1 Comment

Some of our very best friends have a tradition of spending a weekend in Door County - exploring the little towns, wineries, cider, and great outdoors.  The last two years we have been lucky enough for them to include our family in that tradition.


Four adults and two toddlers make for quite the group!  While the winery tours were a bit different this year (it’s a lot harder to contain a toddler than a baby!), the trip was still full of great memories and the best of friends.  


We hit up some of our favorite places - Sweetie Pies and the Door County Winery and Distillery, as well as checked out Wilson’s - a local favorite we had not tried before.  Our cabin was also right on a lake this year - which made for awesome afternoons with the kiddos, and some killer views from morning to night.


Enjoy our story in pictures, and as a special edition this time - I’ve also included my most recent family film I did of our trip!


Contact me today to set up an appointment to talk about documenting your own memories, and preserving them in photos and/or a specialized family film! 





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Door Country Weekend Getaway from Molly VanDamme on Vimeo.


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Toni Pullum(non-registered)
These are soo good. It is wonderful to have friends that you can go on vacation with. Really love this!
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