Molly VanDamme Photography | Project 366 {May 2016}

Project 366 {May 2016}

June 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Yes.  It's June.  And not the beginning of it either - like over 1/2 way through the month.  I realize that.  Life took over this month, but I'm FINALLY getting around to posting the photos from last month's portion of Project 366!  Enjoy! <3 


May 1

Not being able to play outside when Daddy does yard work is the worst.  But... bonus, there’s this really cute ninja turtle looking back at me… :) 




May 2

No water bottle is safe.  He thinks all water is Liam’s water. 




May 3

Looking out at the lake at Grandma and Grandpa Tabbert’s house.  The same lake I looked out on when I was his age at my grandparent’s house.  This is one of those memories that will is truly priceless, and I will forever be grateful I have photos of. 




May 4

Playing Grandpa’s piano.  Maybe someday he’ll be as talented as my dad, but for now, at least he looks good doing it! :) 




May 5

So this happened. 




May 6

My new canvas!  I’m FINALLY getting around to completing this collection in our room.  The top are photos I took on our vacation to Europe (Paris, Antwerpen, and Brussels), and our newest one on the bottom is a view in Shanghai.  In this case… bigger is better and it just emphasizes how much better photos are when they are PRINTED!  (iPhone photo for the day, apparently I was too excited to get out my real camera!) 




May 7

Today was a long day.  I had “Mommy and Me” photos with Liam, and he was 100% Daddy’s boy today, lol.  The camera did not come out on my end (again), but my husband and I relaxed in our backyard and made use of his new birthday present - a projector!  Who needs a drive in?  We have our own right here! 




May 8

This boy made me a mother, and I could not be happier about that.  I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day. <3 




May 9

I officially have a big kid who refuses to sit in a highchair or booster seat.  Umm… how did that happen? 




May 10

It wouldn’t be a complete month if Aba wasn’t in at least some of the photos!  My friend and I were hanging out in the other room and the kids were running in circles (literally) around the house. Suddenly it became very quiet, and then we heard a door shut and laughter erupt from down the hallway. We waited a minute or so - they were laughing this entire time - and then decided we'd better to see what they were up to (don't worry, all the drawers are locked in the bathroom and there was nothing they could get into!). We opened the door to this. Friends sitting on potties - which, according to them - is the funniest thing that could ever happen in the history of funny things happening. When we opened the door the giggles stopped, and the little lady looked at us and yells, "Shut the door, Mama!" She promptly got off of the toilet, shut the door, and the giggles continued.


This is going to be a fun story to tell at their wedding. 




May 11

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband.




May 12 

This dog has many flaws.  The relationship with this boy is not among them.  




May 13

Rainy days = sad dogs. 




May 14

Breakfast on a trampoline?  Welcome to Toddlerville. 




May 15

Waking up is hard to do.  It’s still rare that Liam is actually ready to get out of bed when we go to get him.  I still only have one kid, so I still find it hilarious. 




May 16

You need to make time to stop and smell the flowers. :) <3 




May 17

I just love him!  Even when he gets sick of the camera and runs at me full speed, lol. 




May 18

We found a new park today!  Let the exploring being! 




May 19

There was no time for to go grab the DSLR for this one.  This is the face of bubble love right here!  Thanks iPhone, for fitting in my pocket and always being within reach. :) 




May 20

It was another pool day here in WI.  And we looooooooved it! 




May 21

Play date with our friend, Becca!  These two are only 1 and they already look like they’re plotting together, don’t they?!




May 22

Slide.  Check.  Pool.  Check.  Summer fun.  Check.  



May 23 

Liam always pretends this stuffy is eating his hand or arm... today he extended this to his face, lol.  He opens the bear’s mouth and yells, “Ahhhhhhh!!!” and then proceeds to stick his limb (or in this case, his entire face) into its mouth.  




May 24

See!!  Best friends - I told you! :) 




May 25

He sat in his big kid booster seat!!  Well… kind of.  His leg looks a little out of sorts here, but I swear he stayed in it for at least most of the lunch. 




May 26

Today... well, today was an iPhone day.  My kid was crazy.  Like CAAAAAAA-RAZY crazy.  Until Dad came home.  Then he was an angel. 




May 27

This may seem odd, but this is simply my view most nights from my couch.  I love it.  I love looking around and seeing photos I’ve taken.  I love the stories my walls tell. 




May 28

Last summer he couldn’t walk when we came here.  Now he’s halfway up the railing.  Time - slow down, please. 




May 29

Basketball in our PJs.  NBD.




May 30

He wants to be just like Daddy.  Sorry for anyone else that is around him and wears glasses - the odds of him taking them off your face are fairly high. #blamedadnotmom




May 31

Stealing the dogs toys.  All in a day’s work for this little man...



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