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Ode to the Sixteenth Family Member

June 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

If you know any of the people in these photos, it goes without saying that it was a joy to be the photographer for this family.  Not only are they good looking - they’re also nice, easy going, and sure know how to coordinate a set of outfits!


I met Jen on my first day of work in Madison, shortly after I moved down in 2009.  We became instant friends and soon found out we had a ton in common - including a degree in education, a love for wine, and husbands that worked for the same company.  I’ve seen her family grow from her and her amazing husband, to this gorgeous family of five they are now, and it’s been my pleasure to document some of their smiles along the way. 


When Jen asked me to take photos of her extended family, I jumped at the chance!  Her two sisters and their families, along with her parents, were all in town for Memorial Day weekend.  It was time to get some updated family photos - especially now that there was a little BOY in the family.  I don’t know if you noticed the trend of this family - but there are a few more ladies: three gorgeous daughters, SIX granddaughters, and one adorably-soon-to-be-spoiled-rotten little lad. 


Once we figured out which bridge we were meeting at - it was smooth sailings!  ...with a few tears, smarties, and goldfish thrown in there just to shake things up. :) 


I loved, loved, LOVED working with you all, thank you for the opportunity to capture your family memories. <3




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