Molly VanDamme Photography | Project 366 {April 2016}

Project 366 {April 2016}

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April adventures with the VanDammes!  I promise one of these months I'll get these uploaded in a timely manner!  This month included some crazy weather - everything from snow to sun, a ton of house projects, and one adorable 19 month old! 


April 1 

Seriously?  This is how we’re going to start the month?  Welcome to spring weather in Wisconsin, I guess!



April 2

We’re FINALLY getting around to redecorating our basement and updating it with a travel theme so we can display all of the things we’ve picked up on our past vacations!  Liam wanted to help Dad hang the maps.


April 3

Clash of Clans.  The struggle is real, people, the struggle is real.  Any other significant others out there that can relate??


April 4

Liam eats his toast upside down (so he gets more peanut butter?), and it’s adorable.


April 5

Just doing my part.


April 6

Liam and his bestie, Aba.  The moms were chatting in the other room and all of a sudden we hear some giggles erupt from the other room, only to find these two kiddos hiding and playing under the kitchen table.  It has since turned into their favorite spot to hang out.  They never go under any other tables, and Liam never goes under mine without Aba being there.  I guess it’s their clubhouse. 


April 7

After nap tears in the sunshine.


April 8

“Llama, Llama, Red Pajama” is read on repeat in this house. 


April 9

All the toys in the house and this boy play with part of a turkey frier. 


April 10

Liam refused to take off his new hat from Uncle Zack and Auntie Elizabeth.  It made reading very difficult.


April 11

I just love that Liam does puzzles!  He completes them all on his own, turns them over, and does it again.  And I love it even more when he makes the animal noises for certain pieces - I think the elephant and lion are his favorite!


April 12

I had Abigail’s documentary session today and Liam got to get in on the bubble action!


April 13

I had the second half of Abigail’s Milestone Combo Package today, so we had to grab a few shots of the besties in their formal wear… their relationship cracks me up.


April 14

Outlet mall shopping!! 


April 15

Enjoying the beautiful evening with the hubby by having a drink on the deck!



April 16

80s and sunny - yes, please!  Time to get to work in the yard!  It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago we had SNOW!


April 17

The house came with a cat door.  We never got a new door, and we don’t have a cat, but someone seems to be making good use of it.


April 18

More gorgeous weather, and all this boy wants to do is be outside.  I love it!


April 19

Buds on the trees!  One step closer to summer!


April 20

Father and son. 


April 21

Apparently, pants are overrated.


April 22

Liam prefers to use his vegetables solely as a device to feed himself dip.



April 23

I had an engagement shoot for some of our friends today at Devils Lake, and Liam and Kyle got to come with!  It also happened to be a race day. :) 


April 24

Just a little harmonica playing to entertain Daddy while he works on remodeling our bathroom!


April 25

A boy and his dog, and some killer light!  …And a huge pile of branches left in our yard from getting our trees trimmed.


April 26

Pat, pat, pat, pat!  Now raise your arms as high as you can, and say, “Blast off!” - Quick, name that show!


April 27

Did you guys know the top of your cup is a perfect place for holding peanuts?!  Bonus.


April 28

The love between a grandma and her grandson is pretty awesome.


April 29

Oh yeah, that’s my man breaking up a concrete slab with nothing but a sledgehammer and his muscles.  Back off ladies ;) ;)


April 30 

Liam was watching Grandpa Tabbert and Dad haul tree branches.  He really wanted to be one of the guys again this afternoon.  Being stuck inside with Mom and Grandma was not cool.




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