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It’s a Double Win Bonus Kind of Day: DITL VanDamme Style

May 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I’ve begun to offer my clients a photography option of a “Day in the Life” - where I spend the entire day with a family and document what their everyday life is really like!  However, I wanted an example of what this would look like, and who better to document than my own family! 


It was a little tricky trying to figure out how to get myself in the camera, but with a tripod and a timer (my remote decided to be MIA that day…), I managed to get into a couple shots.


I chose to document a Saturday so that my husband, Kyle, could be there the entire day.  We happened to wake up before our little man this morning and hung out watching a morning show and drinking coffee. 

When Liam woke up, we went to get him, and like normal - he decided it was too much work to stand up right away.  He much prefers if we talk to him for awhile, or read him a book while he snuggles his Franklin the Fox and Pete the Pirate.  When he has decided we’re entertaining enough for him to get out of his crib, he stands up and let’s us know.  Now, you may think this is crazy that we do this, and yeah, it probably is.  However, we only have one kid now, so we do have the time, and I choose to not pick this battle (like most days).  Plus, it’s kind of cute. While this is more of a forfeit on my part than a complete win on Liam’s end, I’m still giving the first round to the boy. 


Liam - 1, Mom and Dad - 0




When he was ready to get up, we headed downstairs from some breakfast, and for him to dole out his daily torture onto our fur babies - Kodie and Sawyer.  Sawyer would really like to be Liam’s best friend (especially when Liam has food), but Kodie… not so much.  Kyle makes us breakfast and Liam tries to be just like Daddy and help out.  You’ll also see some photos of Liam and Daddy comparing muscles at the breakfast table. 



Then we’re then off to the gym… where Liam decided to throw the fit of all fits so that we could leave early.  Daniel Tiger and some snacks at home it is.


Liam - 2, Mom and Dad - 0.  



Once home we figured he’d be ready for bed - he decided he was ready to lay in his crib and practice his animal noises.  Songs, snuggles, and books later - still a no-nap baby.  


Liam - 3, Mom and Dad - 0. 



I originally had big plans for this day.  We were going to hit up the park, go for a walk, and play in the yard (yes - these are big plans when you have a one year old, and I’m totally okay with that).  However, the time we spent trying to get Mr. Liam to sleep took up most of that time.  Talk about capturing real life. :) 


Instead we played for a little bit, had Liam do his chores (feed the dogs), and then had dinner before we went out on our next adventure.




That night was game night at our friends house, which is one reason I wanted to document this particular day.  Kyle and I don’t have family that lives close to us, but we do have a very close group of friends that we refer to as our “Madison Family.”  This group of people has grown over the years, and they are truly an amazing group of friends - both to us and to Liam.  Including them in our DITL session was one of my favorite parts.  When we look back on these photos and this video, I want Liam to know how much he was loved, not only by us, but by these people as well.



Liam rallied for quite some time at the end of the day and played with everyone (although, he was a little upset he couldn’t scale the baby gate and invade all of the fun things that were in the other room) before he decided it was time to crash.  Bonus part about having a no-nap baby?  Extra snuggles after reading.  I consider that a double win.


Liam - 3, Mom and Dad - 2. 



Bonus of the day:  I got some amazing pictures of my family.  Real life photos that will show Liam what his days were like before he can remember, and memories of our family and friends during this time in our life that my husband and I will forever cherish.


End of day tally:  Liam - 3, Mom and Dad - 3.


I’ll take it.



And since everything is better set to music... watch the highlight video now! :) 







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