Molly VanDamme Photography | The Real World: Bedtime Routine Edition

The Real World: Bedtime Routine Edition

March 27, 2016  •  3 Comments

The most recent winner of my “1/2 Day in the Life” session was Sarah!  I’ve known Sarah and her husband, Matt, for years and have photographed their family multiple times.  However, it had always been in a traditional style, so I was really excited to offer them a look into the documentary style of photography.


Sarah is so amazing to work with - I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone fill out a family questionnaire quite so promptly (and thoroughly - she didn’t skimp on it at all!).  We chatted on the phone a couple days before the session to finalize a few things they wanted to make sure they captured - like the boys’ faces when they’re told it’s bath time (the excitement is hilarious), and their nightly tradition of reading books together on the couch before tucking the boys in to bed.  


When I arrived on Saturday, the family was hanging out in their living room, exhausted from the boys' birthday party earlier that day.  Well… maybe I should say the parents told me they were exhausted, because they sure didn’t act like it!  The boys (hyped up on birthday cake sugar, I’m sure!) were jumping on the couches and wrestling with pillows.  


“We talked about not jumping head first,” is a sentence you’ll only hear at a house with boys. :) 


We hung out for a few minutes together, talking, laughing, and me taking the photos their oldest boy, Eli, directed me to. :)  Future photographer in the family possibly??


After I had been there for a few minutes, the boys became a little less interested in my camera and began to settle back into their evening routines.  


The energy - and I’m not just talking about the boys!  Between tickle fights, tackle hugs, piano playing, bed jumping and fort building… Sarah and Matt sure have their work cut out for them!


You may notice a few photos where Eli is getting some special attention from Dr. Dad.  We all learned some valuable lesson that night:  

  1. When walking down the hallway, keep your eyes open.
  2. If you do not keep your eyes open, there is the possibility of an injury.
  3. A Dad’s love trumps his uneasy feelings of blood.


The announcement of bath time did not disappoint - Lucas (the littlest guy) was on his feet running to the tub before his dad finished the sentence!


Splishing, splashing, and bath painting, followed by hand washing, lotion applying, and pjs.


Once the boys decided on their favorite books, the family snuggled in on the couch for their evening book session.  This was absolutely adorable, and I’m sure a tradition these boys will remember when they are grown.  


A few kisses good night and some teddy bear snuggles later, and the boys were down.  


It was shortly after this that Matt looked at me and said, “Do you really want us to do what we normally do?  Because we normally hang out on the couch watching TV and reading a book, while Sarah drinks wine and I feed her berries.”


I’m sorry - can we pause for a second?!


Umm - yes, please - how adorable is that?!  And… don’t you think for a second that I didn’t bring this up to my husband when I got back from the session.  To all other husbands out there - bar raised. :) 


I hung out with Matt and Sarah for a little and captured their quiet time together as they unwound from their day.  I feel like these pictures - of them relaxing together, both doing their own thing, but at the same time being so obviously in love with one another, are some of my favorite form the evening.  They truly give a lasting impression about how close this family is, and how much they value each other. 


Without further ado - here it is.

Real Love.  Real Joy.  Real Life. : Fastelin Family Edition

xoxo Molly


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These are awesome!! What a great idea to capture the real life happiness and moments of family.
Oh my gosh, Sarah - your family is the cutest! These are beautiful Molly!
I'm in LOVE! You are seriously the most amazing photographer ever!!! Can I hire you to just document my entire life?! Haha :D Thank you so much!!
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