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Project 366 February

March 13, 2016  •  2 Comments

I'm a little late getting started, but a goal I have for 2016 is to better document my life and those in it.  I started on February 9, 2016, by doing a photo-a-day challenge - documenting my life each day.  Time is going by so quickly, I want to be able to preserve as many memories as I can for my family.  Enjoy a little glimpse into my crazy, beautiful life, which, as I'm sure you will be able to tell, currently revolves heavily around my sweet 18 month old boy, Liam and my husband, Kyle. <3 

Day 1 {2.9.2016}
Every time I go to get Liam up from his crib, he greets me by giving me everything he has - his blanket, stuffed fox (Franklin), pirate toy (Petey), wubs, and a lot of the times, even his socks.


Day 2 {2.10.2016} 

Second dinner with Daddy?  Yes, please - especially if he'll hold me! 


Day 3 {2.11.2016}

Helping unload the dishwasher.  He might have licked some spoons in the process.


Day 4 {2.12.2016}

Laughing with Uncle Zack - Liam thought the phrase "Pirate Booty" was very funny!  (Liam is sitting on a box that looks like a pirate's chest)


Day 5 {2.13.2016}

Liamr fell asleep on me and I got to hold him for a few hours while he slept.  Those that have toddlers know how awesomely rare this was. <3


Day 5 {2.13.2016}

We got to spend the weekend with my husband's family in the Dells.  Liam absolutely adores his big cousin, Keli. 


Day 6 {2.14.2016}

Valentines Day and I was in bed sick all day!  However, my amazing husband knew I was doing this project, so he took it upon himself to keep it going for me. Liam and his cousin Camdon playing and climbing all over everything!  Photo Credit goes to Kyle VanDamme 


Day 7 {2.15.2016}

Back home with my favorite boys.  


Day 8 {2.16.2016}

Not every moment is smiles and laughter.  Sometimes you don't get suckers for breakfast and it's very upsetting.


Day 9 {2.17.2016}

This day features two photos - my fur babies Sawyer and Kodie. 


Day 10 {2.17.2016}

Sometimes you just need a friend to look out the window with you.


Day 11 {2.18.2016}

Sorting shapes with Daddy.


Day 12 {2.19.2016}

Our adventure to the Children's Museum with our best friends, the Karstens.  Kyle was showing the kids a puppet - their reaction was pretty great. 


Day 13 {2.20.2016}

Sometimes you just need a good high-five.


Day 14 {2.21.2016}

Bath time with this guy is so funny!  The bathroom gets soaked, and most of the time we have to change clothes afterwards, but how can you resist that smile?! 


Day 15 {2.22.2016}

The wonderful age when blankets are so often seen as capes <3 

Day 16 {2.23.2016}

Baby yoga. 


Day 17 {2.24.2016}

Liam's book of choice at the moment.  He thinks hit's hilarious, I think someone needs to borrow it - any takers?? :) 



Day 18 {2.25.2016}

Liam loves when Kyle plays the guitar.  He dances along and sometimes tries to take a turn playing 


Day 19 {2.26.2016}

The aftermath of an afternoon of cloud dough.


Day 20 {2.27.2016}

Family hike at Devil's Lake! 


Day 21 {2.28.2016}

Loving the spring weather - another great day for a walk, this time on the Ice Age Trail. 

Day 22 {2.29.2016}

Visiting family "up north" in Hayward!  These three boys are my favorite.  Liam didn't quite know what to do with his light saber, but his cousins were trying to teach him! 




I LOVE this. I think I want to start this idea - even if my photos aren't as good as your ;)
I love these!!!! These are perfect memories that you'll treasure forever!!!
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