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Here We Go!

January 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Well, as the title states- here we go!  I'm officially a blogger.  

With a new year comes new changes and experiences for me as a photographer.  This year, one of those comes in the form of a blog.    Are you excited?  I know I am! <3

Since I'm not really sure how this works yet (I'll get better, I promise!), I figure it only fitting that my first blog be of photos of me and my family.  My son and I recently accompanied my husband on a work trip to Florida.  Hello warm!  Now, if you ask the people who are FROM Florida, they would say, as they were bundled in their parkas and hats, that it was freezing.  Not us Wisconsinites!  47 and sunny - why wear a coat?  70s and sunny - hellooooooooo beach! 

During the week, Liam (16 months) and I explored the city while Kyle (my husband) worked.  My favorite thing we found in Tampa was the Children's Museum.  As a mom - let me tell you - it was a-ma-zing!   Water features, a climbing wall, air planes, construction areas, planting, a fire station, a dance floor, and so much more!  Seriously, I loved it, and more importantly, so did Liam.  

In the evenings we'd get to hang out as a family and go out to dinner.  Now, this might not sound great to some of you - especially the part about taking a toddler out to eat - but for us, it was great.  My husband travels fairly often for work, and it was great to spend time together when we would normally be in two separate time zones.

From Tampa we headed over the the coast and stayed in St. Petersburg.  Driving over the ocean with our windows down... in January... does it get better than that? :)  We arrived right before sunset and Liam got to play on the beach and in the ocean for the first time.  Perfect.

The rest of the weekend we explored the town and beach and, most importantly, relaxed.  Kyle and I were able to hang out and play cards after Liam was in bed, and it was so nice to know we weren't in a house with a To Do List a million items long.

Now we're back in Madison, an ice and snow storm greeted us yesterday, and I'm back to keeping up with photos.  

Bring on 2016, and the let blogging begin. 


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