Molly VanDamme Photography | About

My favorite thing to do is take an everyday moment and turn it into something extraordinary - expressing it in a way that is extra beautiful.  You know the significance in the big life events; let me showcase the beauty of the moments between by creating honest photographs of the memories you'll cherish and want to share for generations.


I’m Molly VanDamme, and I’m a documentary and lifestyle photographer based out of Verona, WI.  I’ve been taking photos (and have been considered my own family’s photographer!) as long as I can remember.  I was lucky enough to turn this passion into a profession in 2011. 


I’ve had the pleasure of working with dozens of couples and families over the years, and I truly enjoying showcasing my work and sharing tips to hundreds of followers via email, Facebook, and blogging.  


My clients tell me they see the beauty of real life in my work – that I find ways to take photos that makes them appreciate what they have.  

I love what I do!   


So who am I behind the lens?  

  • When I'm not taking photographs, I can usually be found spending time with my husband (Kyle), sons (Liam + Dax), and close group of friends we refer to as our "Madison Family."  
  • I have a weekly ladies' night that we refer to as "Grandma Night" because it's original purpose was to teach one another things we learned from our grandmothers.  This quickly turned into a weekly hang-out-and-drink-wine session... and I love it.
  • I grew up in Hayward, WI and often go "up north" with my son to visit family and friends.  There's something about the air up there and being able to see the stars that is so special!
  • I love, love, LOVE to travel.  I have been around the US, to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, The Bahamas, France, Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Japan, China, Thailand, and the UAE.  My husband is my all time favorite travel companion, and we're looking forward to planning new trips together.  If you have a request for a destination photo session - let me know!
  • I can't get enough of things that sparkle & and I tend to change my hair color with the season. 
  • I have two dogs - Kodie (Chihuahua-Dachshund) and Sawyer (Beagle-Shih Tzu), and they are my fur babies.  I have nothing against doggie kisses and yes, they do sleep with us. :) 
  • My family is extremely important to me - both immediate and extended.  I'm one of those rare people who look forward to reunions and weekends together, because my family is amazing! 


I'd love to work with you!  Contact me today for a FREE brainstorming session about how to best showcase your story.  Also, be sure to subscribe to my email list to be the first to see special offers, promotions, and for your chance to become a VIP client!